About The Project

Welcome to The Fit Parent Project!


First, I want to thank you for letting me help you reach your fitness goals. 

The Fit Parent Project was created for one purpose… To change the lives of busy parents everywhere by improving their health and fitness.


If you are like most parents, you are here for a few reasons:


  • You are overweight and want to make a permanent lifestyle change
  • You realize that your health habits could impact the lives of your children
  • You’re sick of workouts that don’t fit into your busy schedule
  • You don’t have the time or the money to commit to a gym or personal trainer
  • You have tried numerous workout plans and diets without any lasting results
  • Your doctor has told you that your health and lack of activity is becoming an issue
  • You just want to look better, have more energy and feel better about yourself


You are sick and tired of fighting the same battles each year and having your lack of fitness negatively impact your life!


I was too…

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 My name is Russell Koontz, founder of The Fit Parent Project.  I am a busy parent, loving husband, father of two beautiful daughters, certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist, fitness writer… and I am here to help you meet all of your fitness goals. 


I want to help you find more energy, feel better about yourself, prevent injuries, reduce the risk of disease, set an amazing example for your children and live a longer, happier life.


I understand the unique challenges you face every day as a busy parent.  I know how hard it can be to make time for exercise and healthy nutrition.


But I also know it can be done.


I have experienced first-hand the impact poor fitness choices can have on your life.  I spent over ten years in the corporate world, stuck behind a desk and computer for more than ten hours a day.  During most of those same years, I rarely exercised, I made horrible nutrition decisions and I drank a little more than I should on the weekends.  I was inactive, out of shape, unhealthy… and I began to feel it.


I had no energy during the day and slept horribly at night.  My body ached and I had intense back pain.  I didn’t like who I had become and often avoided doing things I loved because of it.  I felt horrible, looked awful and couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to as a result of my decisions.


Then, something changed…


First, I met and married my amazing wife.  Second, a few years later, our first daughter was born.


I quickly realized that my fitness wasn’t just about me anymore.  I wanted to be able to enjoy life with my family, and to be there with them for as long as possible.  I began a mission to make a permanent lifestyle change.


For years I tried out every fad workout and crash diet in the book.  After being completely frustrated with the results, I began to study the science of health and fitness.  I read everything related to fitness I could get my hands on.  Slowly and steadily, I began to permanently change my life using simple and effective fitness concepts.



From Finance to Fitness…


Fast forward to the present…  I have made health and fitness my life’s work, after leaving the world of financial spreadsheets in the rear-view mirror.  I am a certified personal trainer and I have had the pleasure of helping amazing parents everywhere meet their fitness goals.  I have written hundreds of fitness articles and published a book in an effort to help parents change their lives.  I have personally achieved fitness goals I would have never thought possible years ago, including completing insane obstacle races, running a marathon and reaching personal bests with my strength training. 


I also learned along the way that the majority of fitness resources and training plans don’t align to the unique lives of a parent. 


This of course led me to create The Fit Parent Project to help fill the void.


Finally, there is a better way for you to improve your fitness and health while juggling your busy schedule.


Your health and fitness program has to be unique to your life as a parent:


  • It has to be flexible
  • It has to be the right program for your current needs and fitness level
  • It has to help you reach your individual fitness goals
  • It has to be effective without causing injury or burnout
  • It has to keep you motivated and wanting more
  • It has to be affordable


Most of all, it has to help you feel better, look better, be more confident, have more energy and live life to the fullest with your family for many years to come. 


The Fit Parent Project offers multiple resources and programs designed specifically for busy parents including:


  • Affordable, flexible and customized online personal training to meet your specific goals
  • An entertaining fitness guide that covers all aspects of changing your health and fitness including motivation, accountability, goal setting, finding the perfect workout, nutrition tips and more
  • Free fitness tips, nutrition tips and support
  • Free fitness articles to help you cut through the noise and stay educated on real fitness concepts


I know the resources provided by the Fit Parent Project can help you live a healthier and happier life with your family.  I know this, because I apply all of these principles and concepts to my own life.  I have also helped other parents change their lives by using the guides and workouts available to you through the project.


Your fitness program is about more than your fitness.  Your lifestyle will set the example for your children, and lay the foundation for how they approach their own health in the years to come.


Your children watch you, and do what you do!


Start Here… 


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Start today and change your life once and for all.  Small steps and simple changes lead to life-altering transformations.


Let me help you find your perfect fitness plan.


Welcome to The Fit Parent Project!